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Mosaic Vivarium helps research organizations create an environment where investigators can focus on science while remaining transparent and efficient in their use of important resources. Unlike other solutions, Mosaic Vivarium helps lab animal users keep the right data which empowers organizations to make operational improvements and save money.

For facility managers: Web-based and easy-to-use, Mosaic Vivarium provides a comprehensive solution for laboratory animal resources (LAR) management. Increase staff operational efficiency while providing investigators transparent, self-service visibility into inventory and workflow.

For investigators: If your institution does not yet offer web access to your LAR inventory, flexible pricing allows you to obtain a private Mosaic Vivarium account to track your own laboratory animal resources.

Mosaic Vivarium
No-hassle and cost-effective online solution
Studies have shown that the information presented by Mosaic Vivarium can be used to increase efficiency and reduce research costs. Keep your facility in step with leading institutions and see these benefits:

Save time on reporting and billing

Improve communication and reduce emails

Improve overall operational efficiency

Seamlessly track LAR usage compliance

“The implementation of Mosaic Vivarium went extremely smoothly, and now the system has nearly 100% compliance. With confidence the animal facility can report numbers to authorities or see the utilization of the animal facility at a glance.”

Simple and effective

Animal ordering

Support for genetically modified animals

Support for multiple species

Record or import genotype results

Breeding management with full pedigree information

Track protocol/permit assignments

Barcode-based cage census, and support for RFID

Cage history

Print cage cards

Track cage per-diem

Task/work request manager

Role-based security (control access to data and functionality)

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