We can help your organization create a more efficient research environment.

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With two decades of experience enabling scientific research, Mosaic Vivarium can help your organization create a more efficient laboratory animal research environment. The services we offer help you turn the facility data you collect every day into usable insights that save money. 

Our team offers special help accessing key parts of the program to customize Mosaic Vivarium to meet your unique needs. We support researchers, vivarium managers, and vivarium staff with ongoing training and guidance required to make the most efficient use of the Mosaic Vivarium web account.

Tracking & Invoicing

Our three-tier service offering will help you set up tracking and invoicing aligned with your needs.


Electronically transfer your Transnetyx genotyping results back to your animals in Mosaic.

Mosaic Vivarium’s ability to customize views and create individual search parameters enables each user to focus on what is relevant for them.

Mosaic Configuration

Requirements Analysis

Project Management

Build vs. Buy Analysis

Workflow Optimization

Software Integration

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