Mosaic Vivarium Partner Integrations – Lab Animal Management

Mosaic Vivarium’s best-in-class animal lab management software works seamlessly with the following partners and products to help you do more in your facility.

Are you a vendor with a lab animal management product which you would like to integrate with Mosaic Vivarium? Please contact our team for more information.


Vivalytics Consulting provides consulting services for laboratory animal research facilities, including ongoing training for Mosaic Vivarium. This valuable resource helps you maximize your investment by offering additional support with setting up your system and developing implementation strategies.

Featured Integrations

Let Tecniplast DVC automatically update your Mosaic Vivarium database with cage events and movements while leveraging detailed animal tracking, compliance, and cost recovery with Mosaic Vivarium. Contact us to see what these technologies can do together.
Initiate Transnetyx genotyping orders with data from Mosaic Vivarium. Electronically synchronize your Transnetyx genotyping results with your detailed animal records in Mosaic Vivarium.

Other Integrations

Wi-Com Sensus streamlines and automates the census-taking process using Allentown’s patented system of embedding cardholders with RFID tags. Turn hours of work scanning cages into a few minutes with WiCom Sensus.

Track your study animals efficiently with RapID Tags.® These scannable, color-coded mouse ear tags are easy to use: just load, snap, and scan. The data is automatically collected and stored using Mosaic Vivarium’s colony management software.

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