How Laboratory Animal Facilities are Like Factories and Why They Should be Managed That Way

Published On: September 5th, 2023

Have you ever thought of a laboratory animal facility as a specialized type of factory? It may sound unusual, but the parallels are striking. In this article, we’ll explore the concept and highlight how our flagship software, Mosaic Vivarium, can help bridge the gap to help your lab maintain efficiency and achieve results.

The Factory Paradigm

Factories are finely tuned machines. They take raw materials and, through a well-orchestrated process, transform them into widgets. To ensure efficiency and quality, manufacturing environments often use Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) – sophisticated software that tracks, monitors, and optimizes every step of the production process.

The Laboratory Animal Facility

Similarly, a lab animal facility maintains an inventory of animals, housed in specialized enclosures. It is not merely a shelter; it is a site of ongoing operations that sometimes include breeding new animals for research purposes. Just like a factory, each of these processes—husbandry, breeding, and animal care—needs to be performed with the utmost efficiency. The critical difference lies in the management perspective.

The Management Challenge

Factories are generally overseen by teams well-versed in the need for operational efficiency, leveraging systems, and software to continuously improve. Lab animal facilities, on the other hand, are often managed by veterinarians skilled in animal care but less focused on operational aspects.

How Mosaic Vivarium can Bridge the Gap

This is where Mosaic Vivarium by Virtual Chemistry, Inc. comes into play. Think of it as the MES for your facility. This software empowers veterinarians and lab animal professionals to optimize their operations, marrying the critical aspects of animal well-being with the necessity for operational efficiency.

In sum, it’s time we started looking at laboratory animal facilities through a new lens—one that combines the best practices of both animal care and operational efficiency.

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