Mosaic Vivarium: A Unified Solution for Diverse Lab Animal Management

Published On: December 5th, 2023

Zebra Finches. Zebrafish. Axolotls.

Did you know that Mosaic Vivarium can be used to manage all three of these species and more? Read our latest article to learn how our software can help you manage large populations of various species. 

Streamline your operations, enhance your compliance and more with Mosaic Vivarium.

Managing a diverse range of animal models for laboratory research presents unique challenges, especially when striving to meet compliance. While mice and rats are widely used, aquatic species like zebrafish and axolotls, along with avian models like zebra finches, play a crucial role in research. 

Mosaic Vivarium stands out as a comprehensive solution adept at handling the nuanced requirements of these varied species.

Lab animal software has traditionally focused on rodents due to their predominance in research. However, Mosaic Vivarium is equipped to manage the distinct needs of aquatic species and birds. 

For instance, zebrafish and axolotls—known for laying large numbers of eggs—necessitate a database approach that can manage large populations efficiently while maintaining individual tracking for Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) compliance. Similarly, tracking zebra finches extends to eggs, hatchlings, and fledglings, requiring a detailed record of each stage.

Mosaic Vivarium: A Versatile and Comprehensive Approach

Mosaic Vivarium addresses these challenges by offering a unified platform that caters to the specific needs of various lab animals. Our software’s versatility lies in its ability to manage different housing and reproductive workflows, from rodent litters to avian clutches and aquatic species’ tank management.

The Benefits of Mosaic Vivarium

  • Streamlined Operations: By integrating diverse species management into a single system, Mosaic Vivarium simplifies facility operations, reducing the need for multiple tracking systems.
  • Enhanced Compliance: Accurate and detailed record-keeping for every species ensures compliance with regulatory bodies like the IACUC, vital for ethical and legal research conduct.
  • Data Accuracy and Reporting: Our software ensures precise tracking of animal populations, from individual rodents to large numbers of fish or eggs, providing reliable data for research and reporting.
  • Flexibility for Future Needs: The ability to track eggs and clutches in birds and reptiles positions Mosaic Vivarium as a future-proof solution, ready to adapt to new species and research requirements.

Mosaic Vivarium represents a paradigm shift in lab animal management software. By accommodating the unique demands of a broad range of species under one umbrella, we empower researchers and facility managers to focus on what truly matters – advancing scientific discovery.

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