Enhancing Animal Facility Efficiency with Mosaic Vivarium

Published On: October 3rd, 2023

In laboratory animal facilities, the intersection of multiple stakeholders—including researchers, facility managers, veterinarians, animal care staff, administrative staff, institutional officials, and ethics committees—is inevitable.

Seamless collaboration and real-time accuracy of information are paramount in this intricate ecosystem. Here’s a comparison of facility workflow with and without Mosaic Vivarium, Virtual Chemistry’s flagship LAR software.

Without Unified Software:

  • Discrepancies and inaccuracies in data rapidly accumulate as investigators and animal care staff maintain separate records, causing potential delays and inefficiencies.
  • Ethics committees and institutional officials are compelled to rely on variable and inconsistent individual reporting from investigators, risking inaccuracies that can lead to the loss of research funds and institutional accreditation.
  • Communication gaps are prevalent, with instructions for managing animals often transmitted to the facility via unreliable methods, such as email or phone calls, leaving no consolidated record to prove accurate execution of the investigator’s wishes.
  • Significant information gaps can occur when vital details are left for technicians to enter into a database, risking the loss of crucial information related to genetic heritage, ownership, financial responsibility, and IACUC compliance.
  • Redundant recordkeeping burdens students and researchers, diverting valuable time that could be more productively spent on scientific endeavors.

 With Mosaic Vivarium:

  • A cohesive and centralized platform is established, ensuring every move and modification is recorded in real-time, allowing all stakeholders to access accurate and up-to-date information.
  • An accurate, real-time database allows seamless communication and precise documentation, fostering trust and collaboration between investigators and facility staff.
  • Efficient inventory management is enabled, allowing investigators to effectively review current inventory and accurately plan for future needs while freeing students and researchers from unnecessary administrative burdens.

Choosing not to leverage a centralized database for managing lab animal records exposes all stakeholders to the inconveniences of redundant work, compromised timeliness of information, and elevated probabilities of costly mistakes.

Mosaic Vivarium epitomizes the confluence of efficiency, real-time accuracy, and collaborative synergy. It ensures that every stakeholder operates from a singular version of the truth, mitigating redundancies and enhancing the scientific pursuit.

By eliminating unnecessary administrative burdens and fostering a seamless, transparent operational environment, we can collectively channel our focus and resources towards groundbreaking research and innovations, driving forward the boundaries of science.

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